History, Mission, Curriculum & Philosophy


For over 100 years the Village SDA Elementary School has been an important part of our Village SDA Church life. Within a year of organizing as a church family in October of 1914, our Village family sensed the importance of providing Christian education for our own children. Those four teachers and 125 students who comprised the first school were part of a dream that has continued to live in our hearts through the passing of time.


To pass to our children our faith, our commitment to Jesus, our responsibility to the world around us. That task is accomplished most effectively when our children’s spiritual and academic growth are combined to strengthen church, home, and school ties.

We desire to have our children with us as a fellowship of believers, a church/school family worshiping together, working together, growing together, a family dedicated to Jesus and committed to each other in preparation for His second coming. We desire our children to believe in the teachings of Christ’s church, to share in its gospel commission to the world, and our community, and to dedicate their lives to fulfill the mission Christ has set for them.


  • enriched Christian Education curriculum based on the guidelines of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists’ Education Department
  • teacher – directed instruction
  • phonics – based language instruction
  • specific grammar and spelling classes in elementary grades
  • specific attention to grammar and elements of writing at middle school levels
  • sequential process in mathematics
  • excellent science program at all grade levels
  • specific history and geography components
  • physical education program promoting life-long physical activity rather than competition based activity


  • expectations for high academic standards, academic work and behaviour
  • an orderly and pleasant christian school climate
  • a strong instructional emphasis
  • consistent efforts by home and school
  • a strong sense of educational commitment and purpose
  • regular assessment of achievement
  • effective leadership


  • to develop in students a thorough love for our Creator and Sustainer
  • to assist and encourage students of average ability to develop the highest level of academic and creative prowess possible
  • to help develop in students a life-long love of learning and a pursuit of physical and mental well-being
  • to produce responsible citizens who recognize the value of hard work and enterprise
  • to develop in students the desire to be productive, law abiding and loyal citizens
  • to develop in students effective communication, leadership and decision-making skills